The Pacific Blue Inn is very concerned about the spread of covid-19 and has taken the following steps to ensure our guests are as safe as possible:

– Our rooms are fogged with a special antiseptic cleaner that is environmentally friendly yet kills bacteria throughout the room after we do a thorough cleaning. We do this every time a guest vacates a room.

– All rooms come with a spray bottle of cleanser that can be used to clean anything you bring into the room, take out food boxes, or anything else you bring into the room that may need to be cleaned.

– All rooms have an adequate supply of alcohol wipes at your disposal for wiping down handles, your hands or anything else you desire.

– Every room comes with a personal hand cleanser bottle that you can carry with you and use while you enjoy your stay in Santa Cruz.

– We have signage advising our guests to wear masks for the safety of others. This includes limiting occupants in our elevator which allows for social distancing.

– We use the antiseptic fogger in all common areas on a daily basis and we wipe down handles and other areas that get touched by guests throughout the day. – proper social distancing is used when checking in and we have separated our check-in station with a plexiglass to further protect our guests.